April 25, 2014
About RubyConf Taiwan 2014 After Party Transportation

有關RubyConf Taiwan 2014 的After Party交通方式

今天晚上的After Party,地點資訊如下:

  • 地點:天母黎舍Bar / Tien-Mu 8898 Bar Restaurant
  • 地址:台北市士林區天母東路78號 / No.78, Tianmu E. Rd., Shilin Dist., Taipei City.
  • 從會場前往的路線:http://goo.gl/maps/I1IEz



About RubyConf Taiwan 2014 After Party Transportation

Here is the location information for tonight’s after party:

  • location: Tien-Mu Bar Restaurant
  • address: No.78 Tianmu E. Rd., Shilin Dist., Taipei City.
  • The route from the venue: http://goo.gl/maps/I1IEz

Everyone could find partners to share cap or walk to the party. Please remember to have your dinner first. Two stickers you got in registration, one for entrance of the party. Another one you could exchange two drinks.

Thank You!

March 26, 2014
Lightning talk CFP of RubyConf Taiwan 2014

We are looking for lightning talks from the attendees/speakers/sponsors of RubyConf Taiwan 2014. ANY TOPICS RELATED Ruby AND/OR RUBYISTS are welcomed!

It must be suitable for making announcement of your excellent product, your awesome community and your great idea worth to spread!

Submission Form is here:

Call for Lightning Talks for RubyConf Taiwan 2014

Notes on submission

  • The lightning talks slot will be held at 5pm on 2nd day(4/26) at Main Hall.
  • You have exactly 5 minutes to give your talk.
  • You must have your own ticket to RubyConf Taiwan 2014 to give a talk.
  • Application DEADLINE: 2014-04-8(Tue) 23:59:59(GMT+8)
  • Remember to KEEP A CARBON COPY OF YOUR FORM INPUTS before pressing the “submit” button. We won’t reimburse your travel expense.
  • Selection result will be (hopefully) notified until: 2014-04-15(Tue)


大家好,我們正在徵求本次大會的Lightning Talk閃電秀投稿,我們歡迎任何和Ruby相關的主題,不論是你的產品,社群活動或是技術上的想法以及所見所聞。




  • 閃電秀將會在大會第二天的結束之前舉行
  • 你必需已經完成大會的報名並完成繳費(如果需要)
  • 你「只有」五分鐘
  • 必需以英語進行(相信你辦的到)
  • 投稿截止日:4/8日 晚上11:59
  • 投稿結果通知:4/15

March 19, 2014
About the hotel room reservation / 有關大會期間的住房[EN,CH]

As previous RubyConf, we have provided hotel reservation discounts. Mellow Fields Hotel, the same as last time, is the one we have cooperated with. The hotel provides not only accommodation discounts(2,300NTD/per night) it is also less than 1 km away from the official party place (PIG AND WHISTLE) and it has taxi service for transportation between the hotel and the conference spot. Please just sign up, leave your personal information and note on your staying dates at “Mellow Fields Hotel Booking” column at registration counter, we will save the rooms for you.

If you have signed up for the conference but forget to reserve the hotel, you can either update your sign up information or contact us! We will help you on it ASAP.


和上一屆一樣,我們也提供了旅館的住宿優惠,這次的旅館和上一屆一樣是沃田旅店,旅店除了提供住宿的優惠價格:2,300NTD / 晚之外,距離official party的會場「天母黎舍 8898」不到一公里,並且也會提供叫計程車到會場的服務,請您在報名大會時在「 沃田旅店訂房優惠 / Mellow Fields Hotel Booking」一欄登記你想要住宿的日子即可,我們會為您保留房間,您只要在櫃台報到時告知您的報名身份即可。


March 12, 2014
RubyConf Taiwan 2014 Press Release[JA]

2014年4月25日(金)、26日(土)、国立陽明大学にて、四回目となる「RubyConf Taiwan」が開催されます。

実行委員長の鄧慕凡さんは、国内外の有名で優れた講演者を集め、台湾で最も国際化しているプログラミング大会を開催します。 「RubyConf Taiwan」への参加登録は3月10日の12時から開始します。

今回の講演者に関しまして、 Rails Girlsコミュニティの創始者であるLinda Liukas氏とTerence Lee氏にRails Girlsコミュニティの建立経験についてご講演いただきます。Rubyの開発者である松本行弘氏と笹田耕一氏は二回目で「RubyConf Taiwan」でご講演いただき、台湾で活発に行われているRubyコミュニティへのご支援を表します。JRubyの主要開発者であるCharles Nutter氏もご講演いただきます。 また、「良葛格」としてよく知られているの林信良(Justin Lin)さんもご講演いただく予定です。

さらに、たくさんのプログラマーは彼らの経験および感想について語ります。 豊かな内容がありますので、是非参加登録をしてください。外国人に対しても宿泊の割引きならび交通情報を提供しています。

「RubyConf Taiwan」の開催に伴い、台湾と外国のプログラマーとの付き合いができており、良好なコミュニケーションを築いています。そのため、前三回の「RubyConf Taiwan」に講演したことのある国内外の講演者は、今回も参加される予定です。また、他に新しい参加者を含めて、来場者数は200名を超える見込みです。

四回目の「RubyConf Taiwan」は協賛単位である国立陽明大学のシステムと合成生物学研究センター(Center for Systems and Synthetic Biology, CSB2)および数多くのスポンサーに支援し支えてもらっています。プラチナスポンサーの「Faria.co」、「i-TRUE」;ゴールドスポンサーの「RulingDigital」、「Amazon Web Services」、「Code Mentor」;シルバースポンサーの「Laxino」、「KKBOX」、「Open Source Software Foundry (OSSF)」;ブロンズスポンサーのVeryWedGoodLife uknowiknowCardinal Blueなどのスポンサーのご支援、ご協力を頂きました。

四回目となるRubyConf Taiwanは2日にわたって2トラックとなります。 優秀な講演者および様々なテーマの他に、前回のRubyConf Taiwanで大変好評を博し、参加者と国内外のRubyistがコミュニケーションできるOfficial Partyも4月25日に、一日目の大会が終わった後行われます。 今回のRubyConf Taiwanへの参加登録は今日から3月31日までです。 プログラミングに情熱を持っている方の参加を楽しみにして待っております。

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March 10, 2014
RubyConfTaiwan2014 Press Release[EN]

RubyConf Taiwan, Taiwan’s biggest event for programming language Ruby will be held on the last weekend of April (April 25th and 26th) at National Yang-Ming University. According to Mu-Fan Teng(@ryudoawaru), organizer of this gathering, many important speakers and distinguished guests have been invited to the conference, known as the most internationalized grand event for programming language and its pursuers. Registration of this event will begin at 12:00 on March 10th.

The speakers for the fourth conference of RubyConf Taiwan include the founders of Rails Girls community Linda Liukas and Terence Lee. They will share their experiences on how Rails Girls was built up. The main developer of JRuby, Charles Nutter, will also participate in this event. Yukihiro Matsumoto, the Father of Ruby, and core developer Koichi Sasada will pay their second visit to this Island with full support and recognition to the Ruby community in Taiwan. Furthermore, the world renowned Java and Python coding language trainer Justin Lin will be giving a keynote speech followed by new findings and reviews by programming experts from all around the world. It is believed that RubyConf Taiwan 2014 will be a remarkable and not-to-be-missed event for programmers this year.

In Taiwan, RubyConf Taiwan is believed to be the programming seminar that attracts most foreign program developers to participate in. This year, in order to enhance the communication between local programmers and distinguished guests from afar, besides speeches that are given in English, Chinese to English simultaneous interpretation service will be provided for speeches by local speakers. RubyConf Taiwan is a foreigner-friendly meet-up where accommodation discount and inland transportation guidance are being provided too. Thanks to the good reputation of previous RubyConf Taiwan events, foreign and local speakers of the past three conferences have put their support into action by attending the conference again this year. Along with fresh faces and new comers in this field, over 200 people are expected to show up at this event.

The fourth RubyConf Taiwan owes gratitude to its co-organizer, Center for Systems and Synthetic Biology of National Yang-Ming University, as well as many supportive sponsors including platinum sponsors Faria Systems and i-TRUE. Gold sponsors RulingDigital, Amazon Web Services and Code Mentor. Silver sponsors include Laxino, KKBOX and Open Source Software Foundry from Academia Sinica. Bronze sponsors of RubyConf Taiwan 2014 include VeryWed, GoodLife, uknowiknow and Cardinal Blue.

RubyConf Taiwan 2014 is a two-day, double-track conference where outstanding speakers will bring diversified topics to the table. Besides the proposed agenda, an official party will be held as usual to encourage interaction between international programmers. The registration is open from now until March 31st. Every program lover and expert in this field are welcome to join this even!

March 10, 2014
RubyConf Taiwan 2014新聞稿[CH]

English version is here: http://rubytaiwan.tumblr.com/post/79134654151/rubyconftaiwan2014-press-release-en

RubyConf Taiwan是台灣最大的 Ruby 程式語言大會,將於 4 月 25 日(週五)、26 日(週六)在國立陽明大學舉辦第四屆會議。本屆大會在主辦人鄧慕凡的籌辦下,廣邀國內外諸多重要講者參與,打造台灣目前最具國際化的程式語言盛會,自 3 月 10 日中午 12 點整開放報名。

本屆 RubyConf Taiwan 的邀請講者有:Rails Girls 社群創辦人 Linda Liukas 和 Terence Lee,她們將一同上台分享Rails Girls社群創辦經驗;Ruby 之父松本行弘先生與 Ruby 核心開發者笹田耕一先生是第二次在 RubyConf Taiwan 進行演講,展現他們對 Ruby 社群在台灣發展盛況的贊許與支持;還有 JRuby 的主要開發者 Charles Nutter;另外,以良葛格之名廣為人知的 Java 及 Python 語言的教育專家林信良先生也將發表主題演講;更有來自國內外的諸多程式好手分享心得與發現。本屆會議的內容精采可期,不容錯過。

在台灣,RubyConf Taiwan 是最多外國程式開發者參加的程式技術研討會。本屆大會為加強台灣程式語言界與國際與會來賓交流,將國內講者的演講與發言內容進行全程即時的中翻英口譯,也有部份國內講者直接以英文進行演講。RubyConf Taiwan 是對外國人友善的大會,提供住宿優惠與交通指引。由於 RubyConf Taiwan 促成了台灣與國外程式語言界的良好交流,讓參與過之前三屆的國內外講者願意以實際的行動繼續支持,並持續有新血加入,本屆參與會議的人數預計將超過 200 人。

第四屆 RubyConf Taiwan 的舉辦要感謝協辦單位國立陽明大學系統合成生物學研究中心,與眾多熱情的贊助廠商,包括白金級贊助商:Faria.coi-TRUE,金級贊助商:銳綸數位AmazonCode Mentor,銀級贊助商:Laxino 勒思KKBOX中央研究院自由軟體鑄造場以及銅級贊助商:VeryWedGoodLife 好生活uknowiknow 你知我知好學網Cardinal Blue 等的鼎力支持。

第四屆 RubyConf Taiwan 是為時兩天的雙軌演講議程,除了堅強的講者陣容與豐富多元的講題,另將延續上一屆好評如潮的 Official Party,讓與會者在第一天會後和國際間的Ruby程式開發者交流。本屆大會的報名期限自3月10日中午12點整起到3月31日,期待各位程式愛好者的共襄盛舉。

February 26, 2014
Notifying about the schedule and hotel information of RubyConf.tw 2014

Hi Rubyists,

This is @ryudoawaru from RubyConf Taiwan 2014 team.

We are a bit behind schedule announcement in announcing RubyConf Taiwan 2014 ticket sales (and everything else), but want to give you an update.

  1. We will open schedule within one week.
  2. We are negotiating with some local hotels and we are going to announce hotel(s) which is near by the venue and offer discount rate for you all within 10 days.

Thanks for your patience.



我們將於近日公開RubyConf Taiwan2014的議程與售票,在此先告知最新消息。

  1. 我們將於一週內公開議程與售票方案。
  2. 我們正在與會場附近的旅館商談集體住宿的優惠折扣,將在售票開始時一併公告。


February 7, 2014
Ruby Tuesday #28 錄影與簡報

  1. 慕凡: Eventmachine Websocket實戰
  2. Godfat: Why Bother to Create? Why Not Just Use?

December 23, 2013
RubyConf Taiwan 2014 is calling for sponsorship[EN,CH]

RubyConf Taiwan是由Ruby Taiwan社群主辦的、台灣唯⼀及最大的Ruby程式語言年度研討會,將於2014年舉辦第四屆。預計將會有超過250位的IT技術人員、系統管理員與程式開發者參加,並邀請來自世界各地與台灣的知名開發者分享他們的經驗。已邀請到Ruby語言發明人松本行弘,JRuby主要開發者Charles Nutter,以及Rails Girls社群的創辦者Linda Liukas來台擔任講者。


RubyConf Taiwan, the only and largest Ruby conference in Taiwan, enters its 4th year in 2014. The 4th RubyConf Taiwan, organized by Ruby Taiwan Community, invites well-known developers from Taiwan and all over the world to share their valuable experience and is expecting to welcome more than 250 IT technicians, system administrators and programmers.

RubyConf Taiwan will be held on April 25(Fri.)-26(Sat.), 2014 in National Yang-Ming University. The proposals are started now and will be closed on January 28, 2014.

Keynote Speakers

  • Yukihiro Matsumoto, creator of Ruby.
  • Charles Nutter, chief designer of JRuby.
  • Linda Liukas & Terence Lee, founder & organizer of Rails Girls community.

Now we are looking for sponsors. For sponsor program details, please check this prospectus.

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December 19, 2013
Ruby Tuesday 28開始報名





捷運忠孝新生站5號出口 步行1分鐘, 老樹咖啡B1的 DeRoot休閒空間


  1. 慕凡: 「Eventmachine Websocket實戰
    介紹如何使用EM-Websocket開發Websocket的網頁程式, 以及production environment的佈署

  2. Godfat: 「Why Bother to Create? Why Not Just Use?